Give the Gifts That Money Can’t Buy

By Samantha McKenzie

So I will admit, this blog was inspired by the 28 minutes it took me to find a parking space at the local mall this past Saturday. As well-intentioned shoppers scurried through the stores trying to find that perfect gift for the important people in their lives, I couldn’t help wonder if we could consider giving the type of gifts that money doesn’t buy.

Image result for african american families holidayDon’t get me wrong, I love everything precious about this holiday. From the sounds of bells ringing and pop-up carolers, to the sweet smells of pumpkin spice treats and pine needles.

But in the spirit of giving (and in addition to those already wrapped presents that we are bound to give and receive), let’s try to give something that is totally free and from the heart.

Give the gift of joy – call an old friend, tell an endearing story and wrap your positive energy around someone who wasn’t expecting it.

Give the gift of patience – practice it first and then encourage another person to exercise this trait. Who couldn’t use a reminder that good things come to those who wait?

Image result for couple kissing under mistletoeGive the gift of forgiveness – pick one person (just one for now) and offer them your forgiveness. That thing that you’re still mad about, that you’re still holding on too, isn’t as big as you’ve made it. Let it go.

Give the gift of laughter – share a funny memory or just tell a good joke. In the midst of our stresses, it’s good to make people really laugh until their tummies hurt.

Give the gift of love – and give plenty of it. Don’t be stingy at all. Give your family members and friends longer hugs, a few “I love you’s” and a lingering look – long enough for them to know you still love them.

With less then 10 days left to Christmas, let’s make an effort to give away the gifts that we are all in need of. Make a new kind of list. Give the gifts that money can’t buy.


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