Happy New You!!

By Dawn Onley

More than a decade ago, I began creating an annual “Vision Board” to help motivate and guide me to accomplish my goals. Each year, I choose words and images that align with my vision for the year, cut them out from magazines and glue them to my board. If I can’t find a particular image or word to fit one of my goals, I write it in marker or even type it, print it and voila!

I take the process so serious that I even got my 5-year-old son to do a board this year.

DeAngelo Vision Board 2018

It’s something about carving out time to search for words and pictures that mirror my dreams that thrills me.

A few days ago, I made my 2018 Vision Board. It’s filled with all of my hopes and dreams for this year – travel, health and wellness, personal and professional growth, a reminder to finish a book proposal, to save/invest more, to speak my mind unapologetically, and so much more. For me, it’s my New Year’s resolutions all neatly planned and packaged in a visible way that I will see almost daily, propped up on a wall in my home office.

Vision Board 2018

Next, I make it a point to incorporate some actionable steps I can take towards achieving my vision by placing weekly “to do” items on a list.

Even with this, I still fail to accomplish everything I set out to accomplish. For example, last year I was slated to run the Marine Corps Marathon but it never happened. I thought I’d make more progress on my book. Nope. I also thought I’d write a few poems. Although I read plenty of poetry, I didn’t add any of my own to my personal collection.

I’ve not always made the mark. Still, there was a ton of things I did accomplish that I’m pretty proud of – things that first started as a vision in January 2017 on my board. I officially started my own business. I started back up with yoga. My husband and I took our sons to Disney World. And we also enjoyed a lovely family vacation in Myrtle Beach. I spent more time with friends.

In fact, since I’ve been putting together annual vision boards, remarkably, my success rate is pretty darn good!

One year when I focused my words and photos on training to run a few races, I completed the New York Marathon!

Another year, when I decided to stop talking about living near the sea and actually plan to buy a beach house, it went up on my board and later that year, my husband and I closed on a vacation home.

And on and on.

Creating and sustaining a vision board is a powerful process and I’ve become a true believer. If you’ve never put together a vision board, I’d highly recommend it. It’s a practice I’ve become quite fond of and I think it may help you become more focused on your dreams. It’s worth a try at least, right?

This year, I’m wishing everyone success beyond your wildest dreams! I’m wishing you all the hope and good health and happiness you can stand.

Happy New Year, beauties. Happy New YOU2018

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