Just Being Me

yoga stretch

“Enjoy the mystery. Let the world unfold without always trying to figure it out. Everything is going to unfold in divine order. Simply allow. Relax. Let go.” – Wayne Dyer

By Dawn Onley

Slowly, I’m learning how to just be.

This isn’t easy.

I’ve grown accustomed to being busy – much of the time. Running from one appointment to another.

I’m a person who likes to make “to do” lists and plan pretty much everything – from vacations down to monthly, even weekly, goals. But lately, I’ve been stubbornly non-compliant.

It’s as if my body and my mind have conspired to force me to relax. To let go of the need to control. To figure out stuff. To relinquish my self-imposed tendency to know and be everything to everyone.

I’m resisting … myself.

And it feels wonderful.


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