Get Out the Way

By Samantha McKenzie

This weekend, spend time getting out of your way. That’s right. Get out of your own way. Move those mental obstacles to the side (perceived or real). Unblock the parts of you that are clogged up with remnants from the past. They no longer serve a purpose. They no longer serve you.

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Make a list of what’s stopping you. What’s stopping you from dreaming bigger? What’s holding you back from starting over? What’s in your way? Or better yet, who’s in your way? By now, you’ve relived that tired old story, fretted repeatedly about your poor choices, failed outcomes, blah, blah, blah. Lessons learned. It’s time to move.

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Write down three steps you can accomplish over the next two days. Make the steps achievable. Instead of writing an entire business proposal, just commit writing an outline. If you want to go back to school, research your top choices. Try chopping away at small pieces. Take action. Like really, do something worthwhile for yourself this weekend.Image result for take small steps to change your life

Then celebrate each accomplishment – big or small. Reward yourself for making it to the next step. You are capable of doing this and more.

Share your accomplishments with a friend. Tell someone who will listen about the obstacle that was holding you back.  And then smile. You did that!

Join the thousands of women out there who are moving out of their own way and moving closer to their magic! Good luck!


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