Today is a Good Friday

Holy Bible.jpgBy Dawn Onley

Today is Good Friday, for those who subscribe to the Christian faith. It’s the day that Jesus was crucified to the cross, making it a sacred day for those who believe.

For years, I was always somber on this day. It saddened me to think of the pain that Jesus endured for doing nothing wrong. Then it occurred to me that Good Friday is just part of the love story. It is profound love that Jesus had for us that he sacrificed his life. But the story does not end here. You can’t have a resurrection without a crucifixion. We can’t awaken from despair without first going through it. I realized that if I applied this reasoning in my own life, it would cause me to think differently about the times when I have felt unfairly persecuted. It would help me to focus on the light when troubles began to pile up. It would keep me hopeful when all signs pointed to hopelessness.

Today, I’m grateful for the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made. I’m happy that the story does not end with his death. I’m rejoicing in the joy that Easter brings!

Now I know that the night (Good Friday) and the day (Easter Sunday) are two sides of the same love.

The Cross against a sunset

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