Live a Little, Laugh a Lot

By Samantha McKenzie

It’s perfectly okay to break out of a routine. Actually, it’s highly encouraged. Don’t get me wrong, routines have their rightful place in our lives. They help us stay organized. They ensure that all of our chores are completed. But most of all, they provide a safe haven and security blanket for the masses.

But it’s time to break out and live a little..or a lot.

Let’s face it, we get consumed with work. Then we go home and finish the job off. After some personal inventory, I realized it was time to live a little, love a lot more and take the time to laugh out loud.

Un-list your lifestyle and do things you love.

To make a bold change, I pushed away from my desk, slid my work list to the side and phoned a friend. I invited my girlfriend out to lunch and we got a chance to catch up on each other’s lives and swap stories.

More time equals more laughter.6f6b0d6e6a0247722d790984517a6a6c

Designate some joy time for yourself and learn how to laugh the night away. Don’t underestimate this action. Laughter is a great stress reliever and there is some truth to it being “the best medicine.” I have the best time with my children when we take long road trips in the car. It’s open season on everyone. We spend time telling jokes (a trait I am still not very good at) and we fill the space up with the sounds of laughter.

Go ahead, partake in unscheduled bursts of fun. It can get you through some of the worst times.

Live more freely.

Love more openly.

And most of all, laugh out loud.


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