Little Steps Lead to Big Results

By Dawn Onley

There is generally a correlation between the level of effort and the level of result. This isn’t always the case, but quite often we can expect to get out of things what we put into them.

When I see someone accomplish a goal, whether it’s graduating from college, moving up the corporate ladder, or saving up money to buy a home, I realize that I’m witnessing the result of significant effort. What I see are the sacrifices that were made along the way. For example, when someone makes the choice to eat healthier and start exercising regularly, I see dedication and commitment, discipline and focus. These steps are what’s required to reap big rewards. These little steps represent the discipline and doggedness it takes to succeed.

See how that works? We put in the work and we reap the rewards from our effort. A lot of it is within our control. We put forth a mediocre effort and we get back a mediocre return.

There are entrepreneurs who have failed countless times but reinvent their ideas until they reach success. Failure is also a little step, if people learn from what didn’t work and adjust accordingly.

Kinda sorta

Generally speaking, I’ve learned that if we want bigger results in life, we need to make bigger efforts. It’s as simple as that, and as tough as that — at the same time.

But remember, we hold the key.


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