Happy Mother’s Day to Us!


Happy Mothers Day imageBy Dawn Onley

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the women who have wiped a nose (and butt), kissed a cheek, hugged a neck, warmed a heart, tickled a belly, rocked a baby, snuggled a toddler, mediated a fight, bolstered confidence, dried a tear, prayed with (and for) their children, played taxi, fed picky appetites and then turned around and fed what felt like an army, reasoned with a teenager, offered real-world advice (even if it wasn’t taken), believed in their dreams, saw their strengths, knew their weaknesses, helped them solve that new math (and write that paper), felt unappreciated, felt loved, felt brave, felt scared, felt unsure, felt defeated, felt victorious, felt like we could do it all (and then somehow did), felt tired, felt completely and utterly grateful at our pint-sized blessings.

In other words, every woman. We all get this day.

Happy Mother’s Day to us!


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