Learn to Love Your Own Finish Line

By Samantha McKenzie

Every time I see the word race, I think of speed, of winning and about burning an excess amount of energy. It makes me think of sweat. Even when used in the context of a specific group of people, the word race still conjures up images of competition, of surpassing others, and of being first.


Today, I choose to look at the word race through a different lens.

Growing up, like most, I learned about the biblical phrase, “the race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…” I learned from the tortoise and the rabbit that slow and steady wins.

A true race begins with a goal, big or small. It has many steps within itself. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. Ultimately, a race is about completing something. It’s less about the others on the road with you and more about finishing what you have started. And about giving it your best shot.

Being successful in any race takes perseverance. It takes a determination that comes from within. It takes a person with a steady pace, the kinda girl who won’t be caught looking over her shoulder at others. Instead she has taught herself how to stay focused, to look straight ahead, to get to the goal no matter what.

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Finishing your race is about using the time in front of you wisely and staying the course.

During this type of race, you learn that it doesn’t pay to cut corners. It doesn’t help you when you try to skip over a step. You begin to learn the true value of getting to the finish line in your own time. You learn to block out the noise.

In your life time, you will set many goals and run many races. You will build a muscle of endurance that is necessary to becoming successful. Some races will take a few short days and others will take many, many long years. Sometimes you will underestimate what it will take to finish. You will often have to start over, ask the better questions and get yourself prepared for the next part.

Whatever you need to do next, do it.

This is your life. Each day is a part of your beautiful journey. Learn to love your own finish lines.

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  1. Shel says:

    Yes, I truly agree. I did my first half marathon this past weekend and my only objective was to finish. I went and my pace and I succeeded with no pain! YAY!!!

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