The Big Sin

By Samantha McKenzie

The biggest sin you can commit is lying…to yourself. You can argue there are worse sins, like murder or armed robbery. You may even consider adultery or pedophilia at the top of the list. But it’s the lie that you tell yourself that gives way to all of the above.

Lying to yourself hinders your progress. It stops you from letting go or moving forward. It leaves you stuck, cemented, frozen in its madness.

Lying to the self blocks your blessings as well. Those stories that we constantly repeat about ourselves are stunting our growth. Those lies are damaging our self-esteem and creating major insecurities. We’ve got to make it stop.

So start small. When you hear the tiny lie, pause. Create a new sentence and speak it out loud. Make this a new resolution. You deserve to tell yourself the honest truth.

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