Today is Yours, So Use it Up

By Samantha McKenzie

Today is Monday. It is the first day of the work week and another chance to move your plans forward. You can start, stop or just keep going.

Don’t look back to Sunday and don’t count on seeing Tuesday. Neither exist at this moment.

Today requires your commitment. It doesn’t want you reliving the past or using all of your waking hours planning for the future.

Today wants you to live in the present.

It knows that this is the only time available to start something new, improve on something existing or come to terms with something that is ending. Do it. Use it to make amends or use it to get one step closer to your truth. This day literally requires your personal attention.


Instead of complaining, decide to show up ready to work. Make a commitment to work cheerfully too. Don’t let obstacles take away from the richness of the day’s opportunities. Don’t let someone else’s poor attitude affect you in a negative way. There’s way too  much to get accomplished.

Today is Monday.

Today is the only day you have.

Today is yours. Use it up.

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