Self-Preservation is Worth it

Yummy salad

By Dawn Onley

I’ve been sick for over a week now. My throat is scratchy like sandpaper. My head and body ache. I’m congested in my nose and when I cough, it feels like my chest will explode.

A few days ago, at the urging of my mother, I finally gave in and went to see my doctor. As I suspected it was the common cold, for which my doctor prescribed an antibiotic and cough medicine that makes me want to gag. For this reason, I haven’t been taking it as often as I should, which is probably why I’m still sick.

It got me thinking about other things that aren’t enjoyable that we stop doing to the detriment of desirable results, things like eating healthy and strenuous exercise. I started thinking about outcomes and choices and how we never really lose the desire to self-soothe. Our minds tell our bodies “that’s enough” and before long, we are making easy, convenient, better-tasting choices – even if it means no progress.

This is why change happens slowly, if at all.

Even with all the items on my to-do list today, I’m taking the cough medicine as prescribed, every four hours. I’m eating fruit and drinking tea. I’m fitting in an afternoon nap, like I did yesterday. Some things will not get done so that I can feel better.

I’ve determined that self-preservation is always worth it, even when it tastes yucky.


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