You Deserve it All…

By Samantha McKenzie

You deserve it all. Yes, you deserve the best that this world has to offer and then some. Many of you have worked extremely hard to get where you are. You’ve made countless sacrifices and worked long and hard to meet your goals. Some of you have pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. Prayed from sun up ’til sun down and you​’ve done much to be applauded.

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So now it’s time to get something in return. It’s time for you to give yourself “that much needed” pep talk that will take your lifestyle to another level. You won’t need money. You won’t need to create another to-do list. All you’ll need to reboot is a few minutes a day to think about giving yourself these three things:

  1. Take in a healthy dose of self-confidence. This is a daily must. Tell yourself as many positive things that you can think of. Do it while you’re in the shower or when you’re in the car driving to work or after you put the kids to bed. Take a few minutes to remind yourself that you are smart and talented and loving and beautiful and…don’t slow it down. Be specific. “I looked great in that new dress today.” “I nailed that presentation.” “I walked into that room like a boss.” Let it rip and get comfortable giving yourself a boost of confidence.

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  2. Find your “thing” and rev up your personal ambitions. Tap into the things that get you excited. Go back and reconnect with the things that you’re passionate about or if you’re brave enough, GO (and go quickly) to discover something new and interesting. Do something each day that lights you up. Keep it simple and do something that gets you mentally charged. Run another lap. Finish a craft project. Close the deal. Don’t be afraid to dabble into the unknown. Just make a commitment to do something every day that makes you feel alive.     Image result for images of happy women
  3. Give yourself permission. What are you waiting for? Better yet, who are you waiting for? Give yourself permission to live freely. Allow your thoughts to wander, to expand, to unfold. But this sparkling journey starts within. It begins with those conversations we have in our heads. You know the ones where we start off telling ourselves how bad we want something, and then we start coming up with all of the reasons why it probably won’t happen. Learn to hush your negative thoughts (or feel free to duct tape it). Then make it a habit to tell yourself yes. Yes you can. Yes you will.

You owe it to yourself. Enoy!

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