Unleashing Our Higher Selves

david-hofmann-571798-unsplash dance
Dawn Onley

Everything you’ve ever wished for is on the other side of fear.

Fear can keep us from so many things: Love. The dream job. Untold opportunities. A meaningful life. The right friendships. Fear of failure can keep us from success, on our own terms. Fear of success can keep us stagnant.

When we work through fear, we begin to unleash our highest selves.

This is not simply a concept or a theory. It’s a truth that is as old as the ages, and it is only possible through faith.

At night, we dream big dreams for ourselves, but we have no idea of how big the possibilities are, come day. If we did, we’d act. Right now. We wouldn’t fear. We wouldn’t wait. We wouldn’t brood. We wouldn’t sit at the table when our song plays. We’d get up and dance!

We owe it to ourselves to explore the full possibilities of our lives. We owe it to each other, too.

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