If Not Now, Then When?

Woman skateboarding

By Dawn Onley

One of the greatest lies we tell ourselves is that we have time; we’ll do it later.

To go after our dreams. To say I’m sorry. To phone a loved one. To eat healthier. To work out. To hug our kids. To tell someone how proud we are of them. To pay it forward. To thank our parents. To give someone our undivided attention. To provide a shoulder for someone who is grieving. To be a friend. To get that repair done, before it becomes an even bigger problem. To offer forgiveness. Heck, to forgive ourselves. To make it right.

Meanwhile, while we’re wasting time, time keeps on ticking and sadly, many of us will lose our opportunity. There comes a point when it’s too late.

People will die. Our kids will grow up. Friends will feel discouraged. Things will get out of hand.

Let today be the day we take action.

Whatever we’ve been putting off for later, for whatever reason, let today be the day we take a small step today toward the goal. Don’t wait until Monday to start eating healthier. Don’t wait any longer to pick up the phone and dial a long lost friend. Don’t wait until you’re all stressed out to polish off that resume and look for a new job.

Don’t wait to start saving for that rainy day fund. Don’t wait to take that class you’ve been interested in taking for some time now.

Don’t wait to kiss someone’s cheek, look them in the eyes and tell them what a huge difference they made in your life.

Don’t wait. Do it today. Start immediately moving in the direction of your dreams.

Take action. Stop talking about what you want to do, what you’re going to do, and do it.


While we still can.


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