Be a Different Kind of Beautiful

By Samantha McKenzie

Being beautiful is a thing. It’s like a billion-dollar industry kind of thing. The idea of it is so powerful, that many build their entire existence upon it. Like the entertainment industry. And the beauty industry (no pun intended). It’s so subjective that it creeps into every aspect of our lives. Related image

But, for the most part, we’ve limited our view of beauty. We’ve accepted it as a physical thing, and when we think we don’t have it, we pay to get it.

I’m a big believer in “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

And I detest the idea that someone has created a standard of beauty and force fed us their view.

Beauty can be found in everyone, as long as you are willing to look beyond a particular type of face. Beauty exists in everything, as long as you are willing to define it for yourself.

Women are scored on this beauty thing. We spend hours and minutes in a day ensuring that our appearance stands out. We’re indoctrinated into it from the time we are born. We are judged by it. And we in turn, work our butts off (sometimes, literally) to make sure we live up to it. Men do it too, but of course, it’s called something different.

Image result for beautiful flower

Today, I challenge us to shift our thinking. I challenge us to find more things in life to call beautiful. I urge each of us to look past the surface of things and of people. The challenge is to unsubscribe to the way in which we engage with a person’s physical beauty and search for the inner beauty, the true essence of human being. Image result for a mother praying

Pay more attention to a person’s actions and find beauty in that. Listen to those who offer you beautiful and inspiring words, and consider that a beautiful thing. Reach out to those who whisper your name in their prayers and openly thank them, because it is a beautiful thing to be prayed for.

Today, consider an act of kindness as a new standard for beauty. Today, place generosity on the top of the list of all things beautiful. Think back on the love you’ve received through the years and see that, above all things, as the most beautiful of all.

There is a person in your life, probably sitting right next to you, who has offered you some of their beauty. Accept it. Cherish it. Return the favor. Be grateful for all of the beautiful people in your life. They help bring out the beauty in you.



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