Blessed by Women

By Samantha McKenzie

I find it interesting how women form relationships around things they have in common. How we build friendships and bonds over obvious similarities, like race or religion, or kinship. How we corral around adventures and hobbies, like hiking or running, quilting or painting. And interestingly enough, how we form some of our deepest bonds around our pain.

No matter where I have lived on this Earth, I have met countless women who fascinate me. From grandmothers, to sisters, to aunties, to best friends, cousins, classmates, colleagues and more – they have inspired my growth to no end.

parishioners-worship-at-a-predominantly-african-american-church-in-this-file-photoWomen have a unique and special nature. An enigma, you may say. We possess a beauty that can’t be defined. Every time you think we’ve given our all, we find a deeper repository of treasures within. We are givers, nurturers, restorers and builders of the new. We console an entire world and possess resumes filled with some brand of kindness. I have needed my friends some days to show me extra support, to allow me to cry for no particular reason, to encourage me to go after my dreams, and to force me, yes literally force me, to get out of the rut that I had cemented myself in. Through them, I have discovered myself, and for that I feel truly blessed.

elderlywomenThis didn’t mean it’s all been pleasant. I remember days when I’d ignore several phone calls, because I didn’t want to hear her advice or when the chatter and unsolicited opinions from the girls was way too overwhelming. But through it all, I could never say I didn’t get what I needed. If you have these types of friendships, you should cherish them. If you don’t, you should invest in them.

Thank you for your many blessings.

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