Today is no dress rehearsal

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” ~ Warren Buffett

By Samantha McKenzie

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Today is not a dress rehearsal. Matter of fact neither is tomorrow. There’s no easy way to coax this conversation. It’s just one of those reality busters, in-your-face, whatcha gonna do about it kind of talks.

The new day requires something of us. It actually prefers we get moving and to be wholehearted about how we spend the hours and the minutes. Today is going to challenge you. It’s going to make you feel guilty for not giving it your best shot. It is going to demand that you take center stage and give it your best performance ever.Image result for today quotes

Don’t shy away. Show up like today is all that you got.

If today calls on you to work on a community project, I ask that you show up with the best attitude, that you put your personal problems on a mental shelf, that you listen intently, that you stay open to learning something new, and that you offer your ideas, gifts, and talents to an awesome cause because an awesome cause is one of the highest forms of charity.

If today makes you bow to your knee in prayer, I ask that you pray without ceasing, that you give the best prayer you have ever given, that you tell God the truth and nothing but the truth, that you ask for guidance and strength to carry on, and that you build on your spiritual relationship with your Creator so that when you get up, you actually believe.

Related imageIf today requires you to go to work or school or on a chase for something you desire, I ask that you bring your entire A-game, and that you show up as a team player AND a leader, that you do your research, that you raise your hand and offer a suggestion, that you challenge the old processes and introduce a new kind of thinking, and that you never, ever dim your light in its classroom, but rather, shine brightly.

Because whether you know it or not, today needs your input. And you holding back, acting disinterested, uncaring, and utterly distracted about your own life is a waste of its time.

Today needs you to make a decision and stick by it – win, lose or draw. It will ask of you many things within your waking hours, like remembering to pay a bill, or to call your mother, or to pick up a prescription, to write a proposal, or not cancel on your trainer again…the list goes on.

But what today will never do, is ask you about tomorrow. Show up, show out, and show today some respect.




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